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Geek’d Extracts D9 Syrup | 800mg

Geek’d Extracts D9 Syrup | 800mg

Introducing Geek’d Extracts D9 Syrup, a premium hemp-derived delta-9 distillate syrup designed to enhance your relaxation experience. Each bottle contains 100 servings, packed with a total of 800mg of pure bliss. Indulge in the mouthwatering flavors and let the soothing effects take you on a journey of tranquility. With four tantalizing options to choose from, Geek’d Extracts has crafted a syrup that will delight your taste buds and elevate your mood. Shake well before using and follow our recommended dosage guidelines for an optimal experience.

Geek’d Extracts D9 Syrup Flavors: A Burst of Refreshing Delight

  1. Cran Razz: Immerse yourself in the tangy-sweet fusion of cranberry and raspberry. The Cran Razz flavor will invigorate your senses and leave you feeling rejuvenated.
  2. Grape Apple: Experience the perfect harmony of juicy grapes and crisp apples. The Grape Apple flavor offers a delightful combination that will satisfy your cravings and relax your mind.
  3. Caribbean Blast: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the exotic blend of Caribbean flavors. The Caribbean Blast syrup will whisk you away to sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, providing a refreshing and soothing experience.
  4. Strawberry Kiwi: Indulge in the classic combination of luscious strawberries and tart kiwis. The Strawberry Kiwi flavor delivers a fruity explosion that will leave you craving more.

How to Enjoy Geek’d Extracts D9 Syrup

To make the most of your Geek’d Extracts D9 Syrup experience, follow these guidelines:

  1. Shake well before use: Ensure that the syrup is properly mixed for consistent flavor and potency.
  2. Start with one serving: Begin with a single serving of the syrup and allow it to take effect for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Monitor your response: Pay attention to how your body reacts to the syrup. If you desire stronger effects, you can gradually increase your dosage in small increments.
  4. Enjoy responsibly: Remember to consume the syrup responsibly and in moderation. It is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating any new product into your routine.

Geek’d Extracts D9 Syrup: Compliant and Crafted with Care

Geek’d Extracts D9 Syrup is proudly compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, ensuring that it contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight basis. This means you can enjoy the benefits of this premium syrup with peace of mind. Crafted from high-quality hemp grown in the USA, Geek’d Extracts guarantees a product that meets the highest standards of quality and purity.

The ingredients of Geek’d Extracts D9 Syrup include water, sugar, hemp-derived delta-9 distillate, citric acid, and natural and/or artificial flavoring. With a focus on quality and flavor, Geek’d Extracts has carefully formulated a syrup that satisfies both the body and the taste buds.

In conclusion, Geek’d Extracts D9 Syrup is the perfect companion for those seeking relaxation and tranquility. With 800mg per bottle and four enticing flavors to choose from, this syrup offers a unique and delightful experience. Unlock the potential of Geek’d Extracts D9 Syrup and drift away into a world of blissful relaxation. Elevate your moments of calm with this premium hemp-derived syrup, made with care and compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. Indulge in the flavors, savor the effects, and discover a new level of relaxation with Geek’d Extracts D9 Syrup.

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